It was an ambitious project to turn last year’s Ashby Arts Festival project, a DVD of Johanne with the Long Hair into a live performance set against a back drop of a photographic slideshow, but the Folk On The Farm team pulled it off with their usual degree of accomplishment.

The appreciative audience quickly fell under the spell of our two off-beat storytellers, the Old Goodwife and the weaselly Friar Bernard.   The magic of Calling Time’s musical scores and lyrical songwriting soon had feet tapping and hands clapping.

The second half of the evening saw national storyteller, Sophie Snell join in the fun with some shivery stories featuring the perils of tangling with fairy fiddlers and unquiet graves!  Calling Time rocked up the folk to the point where the audience finally took to the floor, showing a lively set of heels as they manfully tried to keep pace with a spirited set of jigs and reels.

Lots of clips on Youtube so take a look.

Article by Widdershins

Widdershins Morris dancer, writer, part time farmer and melodeon player. Author of several sheep keeping books and also Kindle fiction stories including THE INBETWEEN THE DIGFIELD CONJUROR HOW TO BOIL AN EGG    

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