Guardians Of The Corn!

Scarecrows appear in one form or another all over the world and have been around for thousands of years.  Simple effigies made of wood and old clothes stuffed with straw, they were once known as the “guardians of the corn” and entrusted with the job of scaring away thieving crows and other birds with an […]

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What The English Don’t know About St George

Well the date for one!  A recent poll resulted in the surprising conclusion that the majority of English people are unable to correctly name the feast day of our patron saint.  (23rd April). Having just danced out with my morris side to celebrate the old warrior’s exploits here are a few interesting facts about our […]

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The Netherseal Oak – Not Just Any Tree!

This oak tree may seem like any other doted around the English countryside, but look closer and you will see it bears a small plaque to the effect that it is a grand-daughter of the Boscabel Oak.  If you know your English history, you will realise that the Boscabel Oak was the tree which sheltered […]

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Without wishing to cause offence, I find it somewhat astonishing that huge swathes of the population happily embark on an orgy of self –centred excess in honour of a child whose existence has little historical proof and birth date no foundation in fact while ignoring an event which is not only grounded in science, but […]

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Barley Jack

Scarecrows have a long and ancient lineage and originally had a more esotoric purpose than merely frightening birds!  There are strong connections to the John Barley Corn and the corn king stories which involve, the age old cycle of scarifice, death and reserection. Our scarecrow, Barley Jack is helping to advertise our storytelling event, Tales […]

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Greetings From My Hedge Christmas Concert

greetings from my hedge christmas concert