British Egg Week

Did you know we’re slap bang in the middle of British Egg Week?  Thought not so to set the record straight it runs from the 10 – 16 October.

In support, some of our top chefs have donated recipes to publicise the week which is vitally important for several reasons. 

Not only are eggs very, very good for you, (in spite of what that Currie woman tried to have us believe), but British eggs are the safest and most humanely produced in the world!  We have the largest flock of free range birds on the planet and a loyal following of buyers with nearly two thirds of consumers preferring to buy British eggs rather than foreign imports.

What you probably didn’t know is our fantastic, home produced chuckies will shortly come under threat when battery cages are banned throughout the EU early next year.  The industry is bracing itself for an onslaught of cheap foreign imports which will flood the market with eggs of indeterminate age and even more alarming, questionable production methods.

There is only one way to protect ourselves against these Johnny furrener opportunists and that is by looking for the little lion which is stamped on all graded UK eggs.  Alternatively you can do what we do and keep a few Rhodies in the back garden.

In spite of the shortening days, we’re getting 5 or 6 eggs a day from our 9 girls which means lots of lovely eggy dishes.  Take a look at the fancy stuff being knocked up by the celb chefs for British Egg Week if you must, but without a shred of false modesty, I can assure you this egg custard I used to make for my kids during our goat keeping days takes some beating!
Sue's Egg Custard

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