Barley Jack

Scarecrows have a long and ancient lineage and originally had a more esotoric purpose than merely frightening birds!  There are strong connections to the John Barley Corn and the corn king stories which involve, the age old cycle of scarifice, death and reserection.

Our scarecrow, Barley Jack is helping to advertise our storytelling event, Tales From The Crowman

When harvest fields give up their yield

of oats and wheat and barely

and nuts and fruit and earthy root

are gathered safe and fairly,

The Crowman with his watchful gaze

dreams away the dimming days,

until the young corn springs again

and swells the ripening, golden grain.

Though flapping rags, speak of hags,

fore sworn as mischief makers.

He alone, scorns the crones

and curses corvine fakers.

You may wonder what he’s at,

but he was once named Barley Jack.

Born to watch the growing corn,

old before this world was born.

Jack be quick and Jack be slow,

Jack fall down, make the barley grow.

About farmersue

Part time farmer, morris dancer and writer.

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