Last Of The Summer Sing Outs Brings Out The Best Of Barleycorn!

Our last Summer Sing Out was Harvest Home and having got to grips with John Barleycorn during the Lammas Ale Sing Out we were well practiced during our final Folk On the Farm a cappella choir session as you can see from the video!

Our musicians were well to the fore and kept us entertained during tea here they are playing Salmon Tails Up The Water …

and here it is Winster Gallop …

and here Willow Songsmith sings a beautiful ballad

Finally little Annie gets in on the act with a spot of morris dancing to Granpa’s rendition of Liza Jane!

Harvest Home was the last of our Summer Sing Outs.  We will shortly be meeting on a more regular basis in the village school at Newbold.

If you would like to be part of the Folk On The Farm choir read more about us here:



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