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Noon Column Walks – A Jolly Good Walk With A Difference!

Needwood & South Derbyshire Noon Column. This walk will take place on Wednesday, 28th June, 2017 10 a.m.

During the summer of 2017 ROOTS Community Singers took their songs and music into the great outdoors to celebrate the history, folklore and the lovely countryside of the National Forest.

These walks are now available as electronic downloads for everyone to enjoy!

There are six walks in the series ranging from easy to moderate and around 5 miles duration.  They all feature one of the unique Noon Columns which mark the 6 main areas of the National Forest.

The Columns, designed by David Nash all share the common characteristic of showing the position of true noon each day.  (Providing the sun is shining!)

The walks are roughly 5 miles in length and begin and end at one of the Noon Columns.  With the aid of the walk pamphlets you can easy guide yourself around this lovely countryside whilst also enjoying the photographs, songs and poetry inspired by the history and folklore of the area.

Further details of each of the walks can be found here:







More Forest Inspiration!

The Noon Column walks are the third Roots project inspired by the National Forest.  Two years ago members of the choir walked and sang their way along the National Forest long distance footpath.

Just one year later in 2016 the Wayfarers All CD was released which

Wayfarers All CD celebrating the National Forest long distance footpath with original music and song.

featured three songs from Roots and consisted entirely of original music which celebrated the history and creation of the National Forest.

To keep up to date with the latest news and doings of ROOTS Community Singers including the Noon Column Walks join the the group’s FACEBOOK PAGE.


The Noon Column walks have been supported by the National Forest.


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